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If there were youngsters on the time of the divorce, they remained in their father’s home and he remained answerable for their upbringing. If a lady committed adultery, her husband was legally required to divorce her. A married epikleros[note 3] would be divorced so she might marry her nearest relative. Marriage mostly concerned a betrothal (engue), before the bride was given over to her new husband and kyrios (ekdosis). A less common form of marriage, practised within the case of epikleroi, required a court judgement (epidikasia).

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Though respectable Athenian women had been expected to stay out of the general public eye, obligations similar to fetching water from the fountain house on the edge of the agora would have brought them out of the house. In classical Athenian marriages, husband or spouse might legally initiate a divorce. The woman’s closest male relative (who can be her kyrios if she were not married) might also achieve this, apparently even towards the couple’s wishes. After divorce, the husband was required to return the dowry or pay 18 percent curiosity annually so the lady’s livelihood would continue and she or he might remarry.

Walters, for instance, explicitly dismisses the possibility, arguing that without a citizen father a baby had no way of gaining entry into a deme or phratry. Blok means that the kid might have instead been enrolled in the deme and phratry of the maternal grandfather.

After the passage of Pericles’ citizenship legislation, the significance of Athenian women seems to have increased, though they gained no authorized rights. Athenian women couldn’t seem as litigants; they had been represented by their kyrios or, if he was on the opposite side of the dispute, by any man who wished to. According to Simon Goldhill, “The Athenian court greek girls seems to have been remarkably unwilling to permit any feminine presence in the civic area of the legislation court itself”. Metic women, nonetheless, apparently may appear in court cases on their own behalf, and could provoke authorized action.

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The area of civic life by which Athenian women were most free to take part was the religious and ritual sphere. Along with essential festivals reserved solely for girls, they participated in lots of blended-sex ritual activities.

Dowries usually consisted of movable items and cash, although land was often included. Along with feminist concept, the work of Michel Foucault, influenced by structuralism and post-structuralism, has had a significant impact on the examine of gender in classical antiquity.

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Although Athenian women were not legally permitted to dispose of enormous sums of cash, they incessantly had giant dowries which supported them all through their lives. The bigger a girl’s dowry relative to her husband’s wealth, the extra influence she was prone to have within the household since she retained the dowry if the couple divorced. Athenian women might additionally acquire property by inheritance if they have been the closest surviving relative,[observe 7] but couldn’t contractually acquire or eliminate property. By the classical interval, legal guidelines designated which women may mourn at a funeral; mourners had to be cousins of, or more closely associated to, the deceased. Women influenced funeral preparations, with the speaker in Isaeus On the Estate of Ciron explaining that he acceded to his grandmother’s wishes for a way his grandfather can be buried.

Each year, the ladies of Athens weaved a brand new peplos for a wooden statue of Athena. Every four years, for the Great Panathenaea, the peplos was for a much larger statue of Athena and could be used as a sail. The task was begun by two girls chosen from those between the ages of seven and eleven, and was finished by different women. Until the Periclean legislation of citizenship in 451–50, any youngster with an Athenian father was considered an Athenian citizen. Blok means that on this period it was additionally legally attainable for a child to be thought-about an Athenian citizen by way of an Athenian mother, even with a non-citizen father, though she concedes that this may have been distinctive.

Foucault has been praised for looking at gender through the lens of social methods. According to Lin Foxhall, his method has “had more influence on the scholarship of gender than anything since second-wave feminism” and is “just about canonical in some quarters”. However, Foucault’s work has been criticised for its “shallow dialogue of girls as historic topics”.

This responsibility continued after the funeral, and girls regularly visited the graves of members of the family to present choices. A tomb was customarily visited three, nine, thirty days, and a year after the funeral. Images on Attic lekythoi present women bringing choices to a grave. The Athenian festival of the Great Dionysia included five days of dramatic performances within the Theatre of Dionysus, and the Lenaia had a dramatic competitors as a part of its competition. Whether women have been permitted to attend the theatre throughout these festivals has been the topic of prolonged debate by classicists,[note 6] largely revolving round whether the theatre was considered a spiritual or a civic event.

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Athenian women married with a dowry, which was supposed to offer their livelihood. Depending on the household, a dowry might need been as a lot as 25 p.c of the family’s wealth. Daughters of even the poorest families apparently had dowries price ten minae. Rich households might provide much bigger dowries; Demosthenes’ sister, for instance, had a dowry of two skills (120 minae).