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In my hometown I am in a position to receive and make phone calls with no problem. However the internet doesn’t work very well unless I’m using wifi at home. Sometimes my messages do not send and receive error codes and I have to delete contact number and put it back in.

Boost Mobile.

It’s usually good most of the time. They’ve their bad spots so you cant use it but other wise it’s ‘s fairly good.

BOOST Rocks!

At first it had been hit or miss with their support but today their support is great. I love that I get unlimited everything unlike using the big brand cell phone firms who would charge upwards of 150-200 per month for this service. The phone collection is excellent today and I have urged them to many friends who also utilize BOOST. Hands down best cell phone coompany on the market.

Perfect mobile service.

Hit or miss service in it’s finest.

I purchased a Boost phone and phone service plan awhile back because I needed an inexpensive replacement cell phone. The cost purpose was great and I enjoyed that they sometimes ran promos for a free month of service or something. However, the support was SO spotty it had been actually unusable when I moved into a semi-rural area. I had been there a few months for a work excursion and same day I needed to buy a new phone under a different service provider– that’s the other bummer thing is that Boost phones are just for Boost, can’t unlock or anything. Overall the hardware’s quality was adequate, I dropped it a few times and it held up, however their cell coverage was again, just, inconvenient how to extend wifi with router and fair.


Pay for the premium plan, but nevertheless so restricted. Very bad about throttling. Can’t even stream a simple tv show without continuous loading. Reminds me of those first days of dial up internet.

You get what you pay for.

Service used to be great. 8 years with increase mobile. Really like the real phones, definitely reliable. I lose data randomly in regions I’m daily. Seems like theres always out a tower.

I love increase.

I recommend boost to everybody. I have no problems with my support whatsoever and only pay $50 per month for unlimited everything. I conduct and online boutique therefore having the ability to possess high speed unlimited data is excellent for me.

Boost desire you where better.

Boost is one of the better phone businesses. Love there support however, the calls going in and out rather than getting your call. They have to resolve that and I’d love to go back to them.

I’m a very long time customer.

I have been using Boost for 11 plus years. Any difficulty I’ve ever needed can only be blamed on poor weather conditions. Client service/support have always been friendly and helpful. However, just like the majority of businesses it’s a bit of a challenge connecting to a person for assistance. I would and do recommend this mobile company to others.