Joshua Inspirations’ vision is to help people, especially teenagers and youths discover their God given potentials/talents, train, nurture and inspire these individuals to achieve greatness.
Our mission is to reach out to people across Africa in order to give hope and inspire them to greatness.

We discovered that a lot of people are just in schools studying and not knowing what they should become.

It is not enough to be educated, it is very important we know that, there is a reason why we are here on earth which is our purpose,vision and goals.
According to divine mandate by God.

Joshua inspirations has been set up to help people become who they are destined to be. We’ve been to public schools, streets and orphanage home and we realized that Apart from motivational and inspirational talk, people need a lots of things especially the public school students. They need things like Sandals, Pen, notebooks, training in different areas of profession (Empowerment) e.t.c.